Joana Pereira

"My spirit walks in an eternal quest for a full encounter." Teotónio Roque


My Profile

After a childhood and youth spent in Viseu, I decided to enter to the world of architecture at the University of Coimbra, where I completed the first four years of college. The 5th year was spent under the roof of Vilanova Artigas at the University of São Paulo, where I fell in love not only with the way to see architecture and urbanism, as well as by the city, country and culture ... This year took me to make a Master thesis focused on the spontaneous street occupations, which I called "Residual Urban Spaces - The 'under' viaducts."

I made an internship in Artspazios in 2011, where I continue until today, working in the project area, indoor and urban intervention.
As I like to be linked to the culture and have the opportunity to get new things to people, I became a member of the Architects Core of Viseu Region, in 2014.

In summer I like feel the sea, putting the backpack on my back and feeling the wind in my face. In winter, I like to feel the sand between my toes, to hear jazz and do readings at the fireplace.

My Skills

Project coordinator