casa I+A

viseu 2007
Ranhados 01

The client needs

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The place before and after

Ranhados 03

Ranhados 04 Ranhados 05The ruins of the pre-existence were consolidated within a cluster of a small village, which allowed the formal references if they could do it straight from the street and surrounding buildings.

Keeping deployment, built is suitable for new technical and functional needs, always with a consciousness of maintaining harmonious relationship with the environment, following the cércea of neighboring buildings and assuming the image of a cluster of typical buildings of this type. When confronted with a river to the west, the new volumetric sees it as public space, which leads to a similar facade treatment next spring direct relationship with the street. This treatment facade appears as an allusion to the lack of rule with regard to the opening of gaps in the construction of this rural village invaded by the city.

The current housing needs, led the internal spatial organization is made ​​differently from existing, adding a basement to the ground floor, first floor and attic. Access to housing is made by the nascent ground floor, going directly to the social space of the house.

In this project, environmental concerns are also present, either by the use of solar panels as a renewable source for water heating, as well as the use of materials from renewable sources and preferably with low thermal conductivity betting this way, a good insulation housing which minimizes the energy required for regular indoor temperatures.


  • Client casa I+A
  • Date 2007
  • Categories Rehabilitation & Renovation, Residential
  • Local Ranhados - Portugal