André Oliveira

"It is better to be good than to be original” Mies van Der Rohe


My Profile

I am from Viseu, I was born, grew up and studied in Viseu, in the considered “Best Portuguese city to live!”.

Since very young age, my favorite hobby was spending the afternoon drawing... meaningless drawings, all that came to my soul. Growing up I develop a passion on football and became a professional player... but then I found the love... and spending the Sundays playing football had another meaning... 🙂
I studied in Viseu and Rome. I graduater in classical architecture in Viseu, and had a distinction from the CEU-Council for European Urbanism on the work done at the University.
During the holidays I worked in Lisbon in the office of my teacher José Baganha & Associates Architects, where I collaborated in the proposal of the Urban Project “Paços da Rainha” in Lisbon.
I made my internship in Braga, in the office of architect Carvalho Araújo. During that year, I grew up, as a professional and as a person, and that was when I decided, along with Liliana, to open an architectural and design office. And in 2007 we started this adventure!

My Skills

Construction manager
PR man
Company's management