Mariana Costa

Ideia, Light and gravity. Nothing more, nothing less.


My Profile

Mariana is an architect. She born in Vila Nova de Foz Côa and she went to study in Viseu since a young age, never forgetting the roots where she grew up.
From there and from the landscape full of history and tradition her love for the arts is born. A feeling that grown over the years, something not thought…something just because it is…
She has studied in Universidade Católica Portuguesa, where her taste for the definition of forms, volumes, light and space increased and strengthened.
There she participated in several competitions and lectures as a way to improve their knowledge in the area and to cultivate her taste.
She likes to make models, DIY projects, to imagine and make real the ideas that are in her head.
At the present, she develops work in the field of architecture, construction and graphic design.

My Skills

Project coordinator